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Monday, 24 February 2014

Our Date

I hope you're doing great & you're happy because no matter where I'm it always matters to me that you're out there & feeling safe. I wrote this for you a few minutes ago, where I'm asking you out & you've agreed to go on a date with me ( I know, it is a surprise for me too but in my dream you agreed so, I've taken the liberty to think of it as real. Yes, I'm weird that way).

Anyway, needn't to mention I'm ecstatic beyond measure & I might act like stupid (well, stupid might be putting it lightly, let's just say paranoid. OK, please tell me I'm not scaring you. See! This is the stuff I was talking about. I'm ecstatic!).

So this is what I wrote, hope you won't think me as a nutcase. :) I'm happy, so you can think whatever you like, you agreed to go on a date with me what else can matter in this world to me :D

I'll be writing more about our dates but this is the first one, hope you like it :)

Let me ask you out
on a date
I'd pick you up
at your place
you all dressed up
a lil nervous
like me (OK maybe I'm more than just a 'lil' nervous)
& let me spend
the entire time
looking in those eyes

When you open the door
looking b'ful
more than I could ever have thought
you smile shyly
is it OK to fall in love
there & then
even when we haven't said a word

Let me whisper
"you look breathtakingly b'ful"
& I also like the way you blush
it is blissful

Let me take your hand
& hold it in mine
all the while
you think of many things
& butterflies in your stomach
like I've in mine

Let me take you
not in a fancy restaurant
but under the sky
where we can have
moon & stars
our partners in crime
& let me show 'em
it was true
your eyes shine brighter
than all of 'em combine

You laugh
when I mock 'em
& ask me to stop making fun of 'em
"Moon are you jealous now
she's mine"
& I tell you again & again
how lucky I'm
& I hold your face
in my palms
& those eyes
make me believe
I haven't yet died
Kiss me
& make me believe
this is Heaven
& we are flying

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