Scattered Thoughts

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Normal Days #69

Welcome To The Jungle

If you ever get a chance pls do see a scaffolder working on a Oil Well Head Tower. But wait, you can not, I mean those who are not in oil & gas industry won't have this chance. I feel sorry for your loss because you'd never witness the great ocean spread around you under the infinite blue skies, smell of it filling your mind, the flora & fauna and amongst all this wilderness there are some ppl who do this amazing work of scaffolding. (You can check the YouTube). The sad part is they are the one who are the most underpaid.

Harshness of life, eh?

So, why am I suddenly bothered with all this? Coz since I joined here in 2013 y'day was my first chance to witness the uninstallation of boat fender from a WHT and it was a scary experience. There it was blue spread all around me and all mechanical & technical stuff flowing through. It is my habit to detach myself from the moment and visualize it from outside my body, it is a metaphysical thing you simpler minds don't worry about it, I felt it in my heart how lucky I am to be able to view, to participate in this. This complexity of oil industry, the depth of it and also the politics ;)

Well sometimes it gives me a sense of pride also that I can visit any office in the world but to visit my office, forget about it. I'm there, where normal living ppl, 9-5 job they can't come. So, just stand by the sidelines, think how awesome my job is, or not, you can just pretend that having 6 months paid vacations is nothing compared to what you're doing of course.

Too egotistical for your taste? Guess what? I don't give a crap!

I'm feeling specially great today, I don't know why. I can take on anyone and anything now. I'm arrogant, I'm stubborn, I've a temper, I don't give a single fuck what you think of me, the world is under my feet today. Today I'm the God. No, wait. I'm always the God.

So, if you think that you're being loved and being fucked right, I guess you deserve that. Not everyone can have me. So, settle with whom you have. I am going to pretend that your life is great.

Me? I'm on top of the world and by the grace of God I'll stay there.

All The Small Things

(To be Contd..)

Friday, 15 April 2016

Normal Days #68

Sultans Of Swing

I don't know what to write today but there is this feeling that I must coz I love to write. When I'd grow old I'd love to read how important I thought every silly thing was.

What about life? Shall I write about that? But no it'd be too heavy for a day like this. It is raining here.

It is from the other day. You can see the faint rainbow and I always loved me some rainbows. Always. Being a science student I know it is all reflection, refraction & dispersion of light and what not, yet the dreamer in me doesn't let go the part where I believe that at the end of this rainbow is the pot of gold.

So today I'll appreciate all those lil things, all these happiness which I can witness, all the greatness surrounding me which I breathe in daily. The vastness, the limits, the microscopic being to giant dinosaurs. Sometimes I wish there were dinosaurs who would eat p ppl who eat animals and give the reason God created 'em for us to eat. I hate ppl.

Well like I said today will be about good things. Fewer ppl, more animals. Sometimes I wish I could understand the language of every animal. I know it'd be so hard to survive coz of the misery they all face, and of course the constant noise, the ever present noise no silence at all would be deafening too but may be we would adjust that way then. I don't know.

The only thing I know that today I'm feeling too much. And all what I said up there..let it be just some random thoughts coz I can't say 'em aloud for everyone to hear.

 Bad Habits

(To be Contd..)

Monday, 11 April 2016

Normal Days #67

Coming Alive

If you have read my blog post which I wrote last year about the sea survival training which I had to go through you know how scared I was of it. And as I'm writing this post you also know that I've come alive from that experience and for next 5 years I'm free of any more of that ordeal.

Why would I start my write with that thought? You must be wondering, you are not concerned with all that, right? But trust me it was the scariest experience of my life. And of course it is my blog I can write whatever I want.

The other thing which is worrying me is downsizing which is going in offshore industry coz of oil prices plunging down. I'm worried, I won't lie here. I hope I get through this phase. Pray for me if you're reading this, send a small prayer up there. And that's why my all heart isn't in here to write something. This constant nagging has me worried. I want to come alive from this phase too.

Damn the world politics!

OK, let's calm down a bit but in my case there is no such thing. I'm either this way or that way. Oh! in case you are wondering why a talented guy like me is worried let me tell you talent has nothing to do with that. All you have to have is approach (I don't know a single guy), you've to be good with ppl  ( must be good with ppl?), or someone's relative. Alas! I fail in all those criteria, very badly too.

I know this was to be about you my krasivaya but trust me I need your support and love and what not now.

So hold my hand, hold me to you, hold me tight and never let go. I'll always be hoping.

(To be Contd..)