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Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm a Nobody

Well, here I'm, again writing another one of my write. I was feeling a lil low when I wrote this two days ago & because of some reasons I don't want to share, I couldn't post it then. But here I'm sharing it with all you guys who read what I write (I hope someone's out there reading these, or not, it is an easy way to say things here which are weird in real world & practice what to say when in some social circles).

So, here it goes, brace yourself (I'm good at cheap humor too :P)

Tell me I'm no one
You don't remember me
Laugh at me
when I say
"you said you'll be there for me"
Ask me if I was being serious
"Don't you get the concept of being friendly?"
Let me act nonchalant
Though my heart is bleeding
& let me say with a smile
"Yes, I know, it was a joke,
you were not serious"
I mean, how you could be
I'm a nobody

Then you wish me well
& say
"see you around"
while leaving me alone
with a void & a very loud sound
of my breaking dream
but hey, don't worry
there's a guy out there for you
who would love you
even more than I do
I don't even love myself
I'm a nobody...

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