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Friday, 21 February 2014

Not Alone

Today it will be all about you, like it always has been, like it always will be. I hope you're smiling & have a great day tomorrow. You're always in my prayers. There are many things I want to say but I know, you know what I'd say. Even if you don't, let not it bother your pretty lil head as I'll be there soon telling you all what I want to say coz sometimes words aren't enough.

All the best for tomorrow Peanut :)

as they fail me
& prayers
which I'm sending
to Heavens
asking Gods
to take care of you
and angels
to watch out
for you

You're not alone
as now
I'm counting on me
for you

which I cling on to
& your smile
which I long to hear
you're not alone Flower
I've asked moon & stars
to be there
for you

& Dreams
where I dream
all about you
where you're smiling
without a worry
I've asked
days & nights
to cradle you
& love you
like I do

You're not alone
as now
I'm counting on me
for you

I wish you all the happiness & smiles.

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