Scattered Thoughts

Monday, 28 November 2016

Normal Days #72

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well, I'll be damned. ;)

I know what you are thinking or what you think that I want you to think. Wait, I don't want this write to be confusing. This is about my love for wild, wild west. God I have been crazy about this era since I read Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell. I always wanted to witness those scattered town, the rail-roads, the words which were scarce too like the vegetation, the salons, the mercantile, every single thing.

I am just fascinated by that and watching the western movies like crazy. Thank God for Clint Eastwood. And thank the Hollywood for those magical days.

You know when I read those books I wanted 'em to never end and same is with movies. Honestly I don't like movies based on books, except The Godfather & The Ultimate Gift, those two are exceptions. Anyway, I am glad that the movies I am watching are all just, there is just one word for it, perrrrrrfect.

The scene in movie Pale Rider where in the end the shooting happens, the ultimate thing is no one speaks before & after the shooting, no heavy dialogues, no prologue or epilogue, just shoot, shoot, shoot, end of the story. Every thing was same as I had pictured in mind while I was reading the books. Equines, even the animals felt like they are right out from the book and the dreams I saw about that era.

The love, even the love is magical. You know, no one speaks of it & yet you feel it radiating in that silence. God I am happy. Every night I sleep better coz the next evening I am travelling to those duty roads, less travelled towns, hot trains and when I'd see you I'd tip my cowboy hat towards you. Well, in my case my helmet, as I'm at offshore :P

Howdy ma'am.

(To be Contd..)

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Normal Days #71

Can't Win 'em All

Changing..Everything is changing. Around me, concerning me, not concerning me, even I am changing. The question is, is all this change for good?

I do not know. It has been so long, so much has happened and is still happening. Governments have been changed, countries are being pushed, I guess it was always happening I was just being an ostrich about it.

And there is one change which no one talks about, any guesses? Well let me tell it anyway, climate change?

Something is going on and it is worrisome coz no one is talking about it and you know you are in trouble when no one speaks about it anywhere. The normal population attention is not being directed towards this issue so there must be something weird going on. Is there any way to know?

Of course there is. Follow the websites, articles, organizations talking about the climate, the adverse situation and are really, really worried. And when you will go through those you will realize everything else is so trivial in comparison.

So, leave this world a better place when you go for your future generations.

Ain't Nuthin'

(To be Contd..)