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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fighting My Demons

This is what I do when I'm happy. I write & I hope. It isn't good or anything amazing like most of the ppl I know write but it helps me to lose some of the reality & be in the place where everything is good & where you love me. And most importantly I can dream that there you're mine, only mine & you fight for me when I surrender fighting my own demons.

I wrote this where I'm asking you to leave me while silently hoping that you won't. I know I'm pathetic but we've already established that so I don't bother wearing faces of sophisticated guy which I'm not.
So here it goes:

Look pretty
always smile
& forget me
I'll bring you down with me
I can't fly baby
I'm chained
with my monsters
whom I fight with
& every other night
when I sleep
without nightmares
I dream
how it could've been me
flying with you
across the rising sun
& moon & all those pretty stars
of your eyes
but I'm a monster
I don't deserve fairytales
I'm happy to see you there
looking pretty
& always smiling
& I silently hope
that you still
remember me
& in the morning
I go again
to fight my demons

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