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Monday, 17 February 2014

Normal Days #20

When I Look to the Sky

Moon & stars is my only companion right now, only souls in this whole world to whom I talk to, only souls who know the secret that I'm falling for you. Please don't blame 'em if they didn't tell you anything. I swore 'em to secrecy & neither did they tell me if you're talking to 'em or not about me. I hope you do. And being a hopeless romantic this is a dream I'm clinging on.

I knew this time it was going to be hard but nothing numbs my pain. I have to get myself together. I ain't reading, I ain't listening to songs, I am not even enjoying things I loved to do before. I know I shouldn't be feeling this empty, this hollow & I'm a way too optimistic person. Even I don't know how I am feeling. Is it confusing, well, NEWS FLASH I am usually confusing. Anyway, I hope you're safe out there & smiling that amazing smile of yours which I see reflected in stars & moon.

brooding at your thoughts
I saw sun coming up
another day of work,
another day of losing myself
& as the night descends
another dream where you're mine

The situation is even I don't know what am I feeling. But I already said that. I just want to be at home. Boy, I'm all over the place with this write today. Please God send me some sign she's thinking about me too. In the meanwhile I'll get my thoughts in a more coherent way.

(To be contd..)

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