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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Normal Days #43

Don't Forget To Write

I'm here, thousand of miles away and sometimes ocean & I talk to each other, he has the same loneliness as I do. But he has horizon, a place where he meets the sky and I, I just watch their love as a voyeur, shamelessly. I wonder how magical it'd be like to have that much of love and infinity. To meet the intensity of that it has to be sky only.

I'm at loss of words here. To form the intangible into a physical form and giving it a meaning too is always a difficult task. And to do that for loneliness, for a longing for someone you miss who is oceans apart from you is always impossible. One can do nothing but hope and wish the warmth of love flowing in the air and making you smile as you feel the caress of your lover. You dream of 'em whispering in your ears some sweet nothings, some promises for you and some naughty things that they have planned for you once you are in their arms.

So, here I'm dreaming, hoping, wishing for your love. Lie to me that you love me, make me hope and shatter it all over again. I love the pain and I'd welcome anything from you, leave me without saying good bye so that I'd always watch the sea and hope that one day like this sun you'll rise from the ocean bed and in the wake you will wake my smiles too. I want to dream again, of you, of all that is not possible and that you're mine, all mine.

You know I'm a dreamer

(To be Contd..)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Defined by Others by M.C.V. Egan

About the Book:

A word, a single word defines a moment for Anne. She needs to find a new one when her spouse leaves her at the age of 47, coming out of the closet literally in a closet. She finds herself back in her hometown amongst her high school friends which she left behind in her past.

An inheritance from a friend leaves her with the means to meddle and spy on the lives of some of their mutual acquaintances. In an attempt to run from her reality Anne gets engrossed in a game of "fun" and "flirtation" with her friend and fellow sufferer Connie at her side. Anne however did not read all the files and what to her is fun games turns into a deadly reality. It is no longer a game.

Life, death and not even a defining word can stop the reality of manipulation.

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TopTen about Defined by Others:

1. Amanda is dead, yet she controls the other women with a game she left behind.
2. Amanda, Anne & Allison were the Triple A’s buddies in Highcshool.
3. Anne loves words, not sentences, but single words.
4. Connie can cook the perfect food for any occasion.
5. Anne and Connie’s husbands Frank and Mike are in love.
6. Cyber Romances gone terribly wrong.
7. Deceptively dark
8. Midlife Crisis 
9. Snakes abound.
10. Entertaining and disturbing all at once.

TopTen about M.C.V Egan:

1. MCV in Roman numerals is 1,105
2. Some social media does not ALLOW MCV so people think I am McVegan.
3. I eat meat, often and a lot.
4. I am originally from Mexico City, Mexico.
5. I am the sixth child of eight.
6. I speak Spanish, English, French and Swedish.
7. To me writing is like breathing, I simply must.
8. I am pretty good at making Origami shapes.
9. I am really good at cooking
10. I am a MOTHER, Writer, Wife…yes in that order.

About the Author:

M.C.V. Egan is the pen name chosen by Maria Catalina Vergara Egan the author of The Bridge of Deaths and Defined by Others. Catalina is originally from Mexico City, Mexico. She has lived in France, Sweden and various parts of the U.S.A.

She has called South Florida her home for the last twenty-five years; she is a writer, a mother a wife and a pretty good cook.

Her first book The Bridge of Deaths is available in two different versions, her book Defined by Others is the first in a series Defining Ways exploring what makes us flawed and human.

Book two Climbing Up The Family Tree; Defined by Pedigree will be released in November 2015.

Contact the Author:

1. $10 Amazon GC will be rewarded to the BEST REVIEW on the Tour.
2. Enter to win a $10 Amazon GC
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Garden by Jane Yates

About the Book:
Inspired by the classic novel The Secret Garden, Jane Yates introduces us to a steampunk world of bio-domes, robots and mysteries. Eleven-year-old Aberdeen is so used to being by herself that all she has to fill her thoughts are stories of mighty dragons and grand castles. Aberdeen’s world is soon thrown into disarray however; her parents murdered.
Having no choice, Aberdeen is sent to live with her uncle back on Earth where her fascination into her new surroundings begin to take hold. Untrusting of new people at first, it isn’t long before Aberdeen comes across 3 other children, and taking a risk, befriends them as she tries to adjust to her new home. And yet, along with Maisy, Peter and Lenard, Aberdeen comes across a riddle – a set of clues to reveal the hiding place of a lost manuscript. A manuscript that forces more questions than answers.
Oh, and there’s Frank too, Peter’s robot dog, who completes this special circle of friendship.
Garden is a journey of self-discovery, of trials and friendship. With adventure boundless, Jane Yates follows up her acclaimed Paradox Child trilogy with a new tale for young fans of steampunk and science fiction.

Buy Links:
Amazon Kindle UK I Amazon Kindle US I Smashwords

Interview with the Author:

What inspires you to write?
My daughter Emily inspired me to write my first book. I was going to write a horror story first. Right up to the night before I started that’s what it was going to be about. But then a series of events happened and, to cut a long story short, I had to come up with a new idea. Emily said, why I don’t write a children’s book, as she said I was always making up stories for her as a child on the spot and never wrote them down. So that’s what I did. Also as I had to work still at the museum and its objects got worked into the stories.
Nice reviews from my readers keep inspiring me to write more stories.

How did you come up with the idea for your current story? 
My friend at work Beth gave me a copy of The Secret Garden as a gift. I had seen the film years ago and loved it. Then when I started to read the book I begin to imagine more of a story than there was. Read between the lines as it were. I thought the original was brilliant and, although it was written over 100 years ago, it still seemed fresh. However, I thought it be great to modernize it and as a steampunk writer give it a steampunk twist, but to still keep the message warm and the same – one of hope and self-discovery and dreams coming true.

Tell us about your writing process.
I have written three books for Nanowrimo, and two in between.
I would say I make no notes, just start writing. I usually write quick, as all my ideas come at once. My writing style can be jumbled. My second book of the Paradox Child series has taken the longest so far, being three months. What takes the time is getting the spelling and editing corrected. Poor people have to do that, as I am dyslexic.

What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?
I like all the bits were Maisy tells stories. I forget I am writing and feel as if I am listening alone. I write very quickly so I never really know how anything is going to end until it does. I liked the inner story of a tiger in India the best. I would love to go to India and travel on a steam train and see the temples and elephants.

Do you read? Who are your favorite authors and how have they influenced your writing style?
I do, read, only slowly. And I review the books that I like.
In fact Garden was edited by one of my favorite writers - Dan Thomson. He is a poet and every line of Garden he edited appeared to sing afterwards.
I love Amy Good and Sharon Sant, to name just a few. I was thrilled to have Sharon Sant endorse on the cover of Garden.

What is the best piece of advice you have received, as a writer, till date?
You are allowed to read out your work and not feel rubbish at it. I was told this just last week.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to get into writing?
Don’t get discouraged. It’s free to publish your book on kindle amazon, go for it!! Even if under a pseudonym. Also join a NANOWRIMO group. Look out for free local writing groups. Read a lot of people’s work you like to give you inspiration.
If it’s too much distraction at home, write in a library or go for a walk somewhere away from everything and write there.

How do you spend your free time? Do you have a favorite place to go and unwind?
Go for walks, swim, bake, garden, talk to my children. I love to be near water. I used to live near the sea when I lived in Wales, I could just see it out my window. Now I live in Oxford, right in the middle of the country and nowhere near the sea.
However I live next to a river and there are canals.
I also have an allotment and I like to grow my own veg, herbs and flowers.

What do you have in store next for your readers?
I am writing the Octopus Pirate, which I wrote for Nanowrimo last year. It is a steampunk tale of a time traveling pirate that is part octopus.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
My gratitude. Please message me on Goodreads. I love to hear your comments. It makes my day when I get a good review. You all make a difference to me. For years, until I was 50 years old, I did not think I could write or was even allowed to as I am so dyslexic and have low self-esteem. Then fate and friendship has brought me to this point and I hope to inspire other people, especially dyslexics to write.

Garden - ART



Book Trailer:

About the Author:
Jane lives in the historic city of Oxford, England with her two spaniels. She works at the Pitt Rivers museum there too and is amazed and inspired by its wondrous array of objects. Being a museum of anthropology and world archaeology, Jane often finds herself influenced by its exhibitions. And indeed it has helped Jane write a trilogy for children – the Paradox Child series.
Jane is not only a mother, artist and storyteller, but dyslexic too, which only highlights her success even more. Jane refuses to allow the disorder to halt her dreams and continues to enjoy her favourite hobbies. Jane is a lover of steampunk, adventure and children’s stories, which often play a huge role in her own books.

Connect with the Author:
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Buy the Book at an 35% discount for the duration of the tour from SMASHWORDS using the code - EN36V

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Doesn't Matter

This one I wrote y'day. I was feeling low, sometimes being at sea leaves you with a sense of longing for someone and you can hear the voice of the pain spreading in your chest, you can feel it radiating through your marrows and the best part of that is when you've to smile amidst all that gut wrenching experience.

Yeah, it hurts like hell. I can write more about this feeling but I guess it doesn't require any preamble as all of us are aware of that feeling & in case if you are not, you're not living right.

Pain is the thing that keeps you grounded and of course reality has to play the boss. So, this for those moments when reality gets to me :

Doesn't matter how hard I try,
Some pains I can't seem to leave behind

Like sand which gets stuck in crease of your clothes,
& with you travels like memories off the coast

Some moments when it was sheer joy,
& when you turn around it is all emptiness & a void

Doesn't matter how hard I try,
Some pains I can't seem to leave behind

I laugh with you & smile at your smiles,
But I know those are for everyone, not only mine

There is a fierce pain stabbing my heart,
& all the dreams I built slowly fall apart

Hope is shattered & so is my smile,
I'll be fine but this time it might take a while

Doesn't matter how hard I try,
Some pains I can't seem to leave behind

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Normal Days #42

Give It To Me

I'm feeling naughty today. No! Before you comment or say anything on my current state of mind or roll your eyes I just wanted to make it clear this is going to be quite descriptive, so read at your own risk & don't blame me that I didn't warn you.

So, I'll go straight for the juggler. I'm in love with the curls, the complete bald look doesn't do the deed for me. I'm here not talking about the '70s like bushes, just trimmed curls get me there. You know the feel of softness around my tongue when I'm down there tasting the flowing nectar, I'd love to see the moisture glistening on 'em as the ambrosia like smell captures my soul and I feel like God when I taste that. Yes, I'm talking about the same thing.

Also I love the curves, skinny look isn't for me. As I love to blow, lick and bite so if there isn't any flesh there would be a slight disappointment. The last part (biting) is kind of ecstatic. Hence the curves.

And trust me the curve of neck & shoulders are the most enticing part. They bring out the beast in me and I really want to devour you starting from there. Or from your toes. I've thing for those too. Come to think of that I'm not particular about any single body part, if you'd ask me to bite behind your knees or your ankles or inside of your thighs I'd happily oblige. There's one more thing I love the most, the hollow of your small of the back. When you get on all your fours for me and I see that curve on your lower spine, that dimple is my undoing. Are you imagining what am I doing to you? what I want to do to you?

I love the ribs too, just below your breasts, where your heart is beating and I want to feel it on my tongue. Yeah, that too. Open your eyes baby, see the animal in me, see what you do to me. Hold me in your hand and show me what your curls are hiding, let me feel the soft, the wet, the sensuous you. And while we are at it, feel free to mark me yours.

Let's bleed, bleed in love.

Give it to me

(To be Contd..)