Scattered Thoughts

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Normal Days #50

Only A Dream

Today I think is the day of remembrance. A day to travel back in time and think of that one person whom I kept close to my heart and in some way I still do. Someway she is still with me, still in my head are her voices when we discussed politics, foreign policies, movies, songs, earth, environment, sex, sports, weather and what not. We covered every topic under the sun though I was advised not to do that. But when do I listen to what am I told?

I miss all those innocent moments, all those talks and all those discussions, all those times when there was this closeness, this feeling of oneness and I dream of this when I'm alone and wish if we both were in different times. We are actually in different times but you know what I mean. I hope she still feels the same, still there is something which was there before or may be we can let it all just what it was before, Only A Dream.

Reach out to me, a hand, a whisper, sing my name when you go to sleep as a lullaby, visit me when I go to sleep and sing all those lullabies and rhymes you used to sing for me. Make me feel like I still live in you coz it is the sense of being alone which gnaws at my soul and makes me feel like I'm fading away.

Reach Out to Me

(To be Contd..)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Normal Days #49

Drive Me Wild

This write is about that part of my life which has been a constant pain and more like a negligence on my part. The avoidance of this art or the way I avoided it all 28 years of my life is no longer hiding behind the excuses I gave to myself and others when I was asked about it.

So, here I'm proudly saying that after all these years on earth finally I'll be in the line of carbon emission personnel. Yes! You guessed it right I'm learning how to drive. Started with the lessons and everything this Friday. One thing before I proceed further to write about the experience I want to say that it was a scary experience. I was hoping to have some class or something beforehand, you know like notes or something but the guy who was giving me classes just told me within a second this is steering, this is clutch, this is brake, this is accelerator and this is gear and said go ahead! drive up.

There was a near death experience in that lesson also all coz it was my fault. But the one thing that keeps bugging me is that why my right shoulder was aching while I just held the steering that's all. I've no clue why is that even when the hold was light as feather. And even after 4 lessons I've no idea how to steer a car in right direction or how to keep it in a straight line. It might improve by time but as of now let me learn and practice and hope one day I might not crash it into something coz I'm driving on the highways.

And yes it reminds me of something, all this driving and highways.


(To be Contd..)