Scattered Thoughts

Friday, 26 June 2015

Normal Days #48

Why Does This Always Happen To Me

OK, so I'm a lil confused here, no not a lil actually, I'm more like confusion has become me. I need to figure out who is at the fault here as this has been going for quite sometime now. The only kind of ppl I'm scared of are sweet ppl. They are so sweet that they don't hesitate in stabbing you in the back and keep on smiling sweetly in your face.

And trust me there are plenty of that kind. And I always find my share of sweet ppl every time and at every step. Always there is someone with whom I've this tussle which I leave after we are done arguing but they hold on to it like life line and as soon as some opportunity arrives don't hesitate to push a knife through my back. I know 'em, like they work with me know but you know there are some faces around you whom you instantly want to punch, someone whom you look at and feel wherever God find material for his soul.

I know I'm not perfect. In fact if you ask these guys any opinion about myself they might paint me in such gory details that I'd try to kill myself let alone you but I know my faults. I own 'em. That doesn't mean I'm proud of this, ashamed would be a much fitting emotion.

Hence here I'm trying to figure out a way to live in civilized world, to behave but after 28 years of existence I can't figure it out and I'm not hopeful either. So, let everyone else be damned. I'll live like I love to. Carelessly.

What did Ms. Nelly Furtado has to say about that, what was that song

I'm Like A Bird

(To be Contd..)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Normal Days #47

That's How Strong My Love Is

One day you are living a life, you may call it awesome or whatever, you're high on what you think is love, but God has some other plans. God decides to bless you with His best creation just coz you still had some prayers left, some good deeds you did and she, my dear friend is answer to all those prayers.

Once I don't remember now whether I read it or watched in some movie or what but it got stuck with me since then

Marriage is the best thing that can happen to a guy.

I never thought that it could be this true, this to the mark. I've this perfect girl, an angel, my beautiful, hot & sexy wife and all her love. And by some miracle she loves me true & deep. I always thought myself as a helpless romantic but she is just great. We've our own moments as ours was an arranged marriage the adjustment period is still going on and given that she has to adjust with me, well, do I need to say more ;)

Anyway this is about my love for my wife, for all the moments we want to have for us and us alone and of course as it involves me there has to be love making, no doubt about it. I'm gonna make love, make her heart, body, mind & soul sing for me as I'm hers and hers alone. From now on no regrets, no looking back only ahead and moving together. No matter what I'll try to adjust and give up some of the stubborn streak in me, give up the aggression, and try to listen what am I saying and to cherish her every second of my life.

My beautiful darling, that's how strong my love is, I'd do anything just to see you smile and pardon me but I'm a selfish guy I want all your smiles for me my wife, my sexy, hot, smart, funny and beautiful wife. See you soon baby. I'm dying to be there in your arms.

It had to be you

(To be Contd..)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sometimes When I CLose My Eyes

I've done all the things wrong in my life, every relation, doesn't matter what, be it friendship, relatives, love, I've screwed up 'em all. One by one, all of my life. I don't know what good I did must be something from my past coz I'm sure in this life I only hurt ppl, all around me.

Anyway this is not a sorry tale neither do I want to taint this with all what I'm. This is about the purest, the most beautiful, the most sensitive person in my life, my wife. I love you darling. And if I knew you'd be coming along after all these years I'd have saved this all for you. I want to. But I'll do it always till my life. very single moment of my life will be for you. After all I've to make up for all the years lost.

And one more thing before I proceed further, next life meet me a lil early baby. I'd really appreciate it. Save me from me. Save us from all the pains I've caused you, all the dreams I've crushed. You're the only person whom I was supposed to make happy, only person that matters in my life. You're my everything my Pari. I love you and only you. And I'm gonna prove that you every single day all of our lives.

So this one is for you my beautiful, sexy and hot wife, my Pari, here it goes..

When I close my eyes
I remember the times
when we were together
You & I

I reach out to those dreams
You'd wings and were trying to fly
Smile playing on your lips
Lovely & a lil shy
Just the way I like it
~& I dreamt of you all night

When I close my eyes

Love flows in us, through us
Our hearts same as our bodies,
I trace your curves, longingly
feeling you on me, heavens inside
Let me love you my Pari
Today, tomorrow, all my life

When I close my eyes