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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Normal Days #22

High & Dry

God, do I make some sexy coffee or what? I wish I could take some snaps of the awesomeness I created but alas offshore policy doesn't allow us to carry any camera or phones which support cameras. Anyway, it's an obsession with me calling the food sexy names. I love my food that way & there's this hypothesis of mine for all you girls out there, if you're with a guy & he doesn't enjoy food don't go out with him. Foodgasms (Orgasmic sound which we make while devouring great food) are the window to the soul of a person. I love food & I sure will use all the techniques involving food while making love. Or I could invent some of mine too, you never know, I've been told I've a very vivid imagination. ;) Am I height of greatness or what?

So, before I turn into a pervert let me talk about the mood I'm in today. I made a coffee & suddenly I was thinking to open a coffee shop. At 27 years I'm still not sure about my career path, not a way to win girls over, huh. :D

But hey if I can make a cup of great coffee I can do anything, even win a girl's heart over. Well that's always the dream isn't it? And all this great day started because I made a great cup of coffee who knows what I'd do if I'd be given a chance in kitchen. No, no, no dirty thoughts. We can do that later & you know that's why I am always late for everything. This is because of my perverted mind. And why do ppl keep bugging me with official work when I'm in a full flow with my thoughts. They hinder my thought process.

Anyway, let's not lose the focus of good food & love making. Again! Enough with the perverted thoughts already. So while I'm basking in the glory of smiles I'm sending you all of my happiness coz without you nothing seems important. I hope you're there & moon & stars is watching over you sending my love. I hope someday I'll make you coffee in morning. You can do the math, if I am making coffee in the morning do I need to say what we did whole night ;)

Blush sweetheart, you know I've got a dirty mind :P

God I'm on fire today. It feels good hope you're feeling great too baby. I miss you more than you could ever know.

And to rest of you ppl this time I'm not imagining & making up some girl. She's real & she's waiting for me. I hope she is.

Take care my Peanut. You're in my prayers, always.

(To be contd..)

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