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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Normal Days #21

Behind Blue Eyes

Well, today is another day. Amidst everything there are few things which still are same. I'm still missing you, still craving to listen from you, still praying for your well being. I'm still confused about what I'm feeling. I still haven't read a single chapter just killing the time reading articles on net, matching our horoscopes.

See, you see the problem. I'm a pathetic guy. I wish I'd someone who could steer my mind in right direction. I know what I need to do but I'm too lazy to even get up & dust off the mood I'm in. I'm not depressed, I'm not ecstatic, I'm a lil confused but most of all I feel lost. May be without you or may be it is just a dream which I don't wanna let go. Moon & stars is OK but I still need to hear what you will say when I'd tell you that now when I'm not with you all I could think of what you'd be doing right then. Not that I'm creepy if I'm thinking that or am I? I don't know the social protocols here. But all I want to do is listen you & all of you shouting, screaming at me sometimes when you're angry but most of the times when we are making love.

Dude, I'm so way out of dreaming state. I'm on the border of psychotic break I think.

But then you already know that I'm a weirdo, right?
So, here I'm still thinking of you & hoping when I'll be back you'd be there telling me that you missed me too. If you didn't let me still think that you did. I wish you all smiles & happiness.

(To be contd..)

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