Scattered Thoughts

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


There is always something about her, she always made me to dream big and maybe that's the reason I still love to dream. So, here's to you darling and for the memories we created.

She painted my heart,
With the red of her lips,
Making it permanent through my skin,
On to my heart beats.
Saying, "I want world to know I live here."
I held her close,
so close
our hearts were beating together,
with the same pace,
and then getting on fire,
I let her show me I'm hers,
She let me find me in her,
I searched for love in her eyes,
It was all in there, infinite
Her eyes had everything for me,
I knew I will never let her go.

Tonight, amidst these celestial bodies,
I feel like sky,
vast, infinite, with so much of people around me,
yet alone, like infinity more so ever.
She left me next day,
what she doesn't know
the mark of her lips are still impressed on my heart,
she didn't take 'em away.

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