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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Normal Days #26

Back to you

Here I'm again, amidst the vast ocean, crashing waves, rising sun, glowing moon & thoughts of you, only you. I don't know why but when I'm here & like you said "in middle of nowhere" I feel you closer to me. May be this idea I've in my head where you'll love me someday is not far fetched here where I see ocan waving around in search of love too. I feel his restlessness & unease. I know it may seem endless to most of the ppl but when he looks out for his love he knows no matter how magnificent others think of him he's still lost & may be that's why he keeps crashing around.

And his lover, horizon, well she's endless too & no matter how many times I say it but their love story is all b'ful. It amazes me everytime. I know my love for you is the same. You're like a horizon one which is out of my reach every single time. No matter how hard I try but there are many more guys out there better than me, worth than me & who am I, I'm no one.

But then I wish & wish for us to be altogether & wish with all my heart & suddenly I'm the ocean with vastness & yet empty without you. I yearn fro you in moonlight & burn without your touch when sun is up. I dream that you're thinking me of too. But then it is a wistful thinking. I know I'm not even worht your memory but a guy can dream, right? I just hope that my dreams are not shattered by reality once I get back home.

Let me dream a lil more, yeah?

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