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Monday, 17 March 2014

Becoming Nothing Again

There are times when you think you are going to make it but then as luck have it you do something and it all come crashing down, all what you've created, all what you've thought & all what you could've become. When you unintentionally do or say something & end up failing I think that shouldn't be a problem, you can't take blame for everything.

I don't know why but right now I'm taking blame for every catastrophe that's happening around world. And also for what we had but as always I'm jinxed and blew it up. May be when you are indifferent toward me then only it is alright. May be when we are strangers again then only you can smile.

If it is this way it is going to be then I'll go, I'm known to give up always, anyway.

So, here's to what we could've had but we didn't & I know no one's to blame but me..

Take me prisoner
chain my heart
leaving at your doorsteps
memories & some laughs
& whispers of promises
of all that we would've become
but we didn't
coz I dream too much
& you're always living in reality
I give up on everything
too easily
& burden on your shoulders gets too heavy
we are becoming nothing again

we don't talk much anymore
I feel you slipping away
I hold on too tight
& yet you're like sand
falling free
what's remain with me
in my heart
& hands
are memories
some laughs
& whispers of promises
& all that we would've become
but we didn't
we are becoming nothing again..

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