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Wednesday, 5 March 2014


And I dream again, of all the times & I dream of your hand in mine, our eyes locked and many more things which we do. Let me just say, I'll be happy to do 'em to you when we will meet someday. For the time being let me write to you about the time when we will go on our second date (yes, it is a dream too.)

So baby wear the pretty dress, or PJs I don't mind you look phenomenal to me & tonight I don't think you'll be wearing 'em longer than necessary. Or we can take a raincheck on date & create a storm of our own where I get drench in your love & you drip wet in mine. (But sweetheart we already established I'm a pervert, right :P) Hey, don't worry darling we will go out, you wanna know what we did ;)

Here it is

Let me take your hand
as we leave your place
wrap my pinkie around yours
a solemn promise
with no words
coz they aren't necessary
& yet it feels like
you have known what was said

Let me smile,
& in those warm eyes
find your smile too

Let just talk
not with words
but hands, tongues, kisses & moans

Let's break the 3 dates rules
or whatever there are more
what scares you to dive in
deep with me
coz I know Flower
it's me & you
we are for ETERNITY

Damn, I didn't mention the restaurant this time too. I guess food is not my priority when I have you with me. I'm hungry now, may I eat you up :D
What! I'm a gentleman, I ask for permission.

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