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Monday, 17 March 2014

Normal Days #25

I don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Today is Holi, a festival of colors, which I used to play enthutsiastically when I was a kid & today I'm here millions of miles away, with ppl who don't even know what this festival even mean. I'm feeling homesick. It has been almost 5 years since I was at home for this festival. I'm always away from home for all big festivals. Last year also I missed Holi along with Deepawali, in case you're wondering what these are, please just google 'em. I'm not in mood to explain.

So, I'm here at Arabian Gulf, in Zakum Field (as per ADMA-OPCO oil fields division) missing all the holidays, feeling nostalgic & in morning my mums calls to wish me the festivities & says she misses me. What am I supposed to do other than think if it is worth all of the separation? Then I go out, see the sea getting rough, the blue color of the ocean suddenly turning green & as I look out from my window I see WHT (Well Head Tower) & across it waves playing catch up with each other, then I sigh & feel a lil content that there's nothing better than this. I'm at the place where only a few guys can be. I'm working in Oil & Gas industry, I'm in the middle of ocean, amongst vast horizons & then I know 9-5 isn't for me.

I mean where else I can feel the ocean winds along with guys around me talking about the shutdown of current oil tower we are at. I mean it is not like I don't like other jobs, I do but I'm here, amongst all the awesomeness nature can shower upon me. The only thing I regret is I can't take pics. I wish I could share with whole world how amazing this world is but coz of some stupid offshore policy we aren't allowed to carry even a smartphone. Go figure!

Anyway, this holiday season when I'm missing my mums & festival of colors I'm grateful that I'm here basking in changing colors of skies & oceans & for the time being enjoying Holi as nature plays it.

I wish I could show you how I feel. May be one day when I'll buy an oil well I'll bring my friends & my mums over here then only they can imagine what I meant all along. Sometimes, you just have to experience on your own.

(To be contd..)

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