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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Normal Days #24

To Whom It May Concern


I was pressurised to write this

I wasn't about to come out from my self-imposed exile to write more. There are many reasons for that, first of all, I was feeling lazy. I've been doing extensive reading lately. So most of my thoughts, I am writing on my Goodreads portal. I'm up till ungodly hours to read books & escape from everyone & everything else. But then one day when I was on platform surveying the next supply vessel my Safety Engineer came to me & said, "what happened Vishal, why aren't you updating your blog now?" Let me tell you there were many other things which were said after that sentence but in a humorous way. It was good to know that there's someone who waits for my entry no matter how absurd they are. I mean my writings, not the person.

And need I mention that safety is a big issue in Oil & Gas industry as we are always working with many life prone hazards like H2S leak, turbulent weather, some accidents which can take place while some job is going on so we take these safety issues very seriously. I wrote this basically to, you know, impress if some b'ful girl reads this & want to save me when I come home during vacations.

But on a serious note, yeah we are prone to some dangers & we comply by safety rules here. Even then the beauty of this vast ocean never ceases to amaze me every time I go out at platform for some job. Anyway, so here I'm writing & missing the girl I left behind when I took that step for this job. I don't think Newton would ever have imagined his 3rd law of motion will come handy in personal issues of general population. But hey, there's always an equal & opposite reaction for your action. I'm living mine, daily. Every time I think of her wind get knocked out of my lungs & I feel like going hollow inside. I recover & move on, don't ask me how, even I don't know how I manage to breathe.

And I've assholes to deal with here too. So, I get along fine with memories.

Safety is life after all :)

And I don't know why I'm writing all these random stuff where nothing is in coherence with other but it feels good to write again. May be I'm mourning over the loss of one of my writes a few weeks ago. It was on some tissue paper & I've not been able to find it. May be I'll write something else.

(To be contd..)

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