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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Normal Days #6

How I wish you were here

Sometimes there's a moment & that is all it takes to get lost in the sea of memories. I was just wondering if I'm a broken record always thinking about the things which are not with me rather than be glad about what I've. I write for lost love, the old times, memories I think of all those things may be what I've right now in front of me is slipping away because of all this nostalgia.

As I relive all those moments again I wish on stars for all the love. The only thing which I always hope that everyone should be loved; there should be one person in everyone's life whom you love with all the devotion. And why all these thoughts? Because tomorrow is Deepawali, a big festival for us & for all the 27 years of my existence this is the first time I'm away from home. The only thought which bothers me is that I'm not missing it as fervently as I should. Does that make me a bad person? I tend to think that I'm not. Or am I?

Well, let's leave it for some higher powers to decide; right now my only concern is that I am not at home for Deepawali this year, or for Christmas or for New Year. I love my job, I love being here but sometimes I wish I had some boring 9-5 job where by the end of the day I'd be at home relaxing, enjoying & doing whatever I feel like doing.

Reminds me of a song line

kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi milta
kahin zameen to kahin aasmaa nahi milta

And may be you can call me pessimistic or glass half full guy, I'm not. Why am I not missing the festivities which are taking place back at home? Damn me!

Confusing again? Thanks the Heavens for that, I haven't lost my touch.

(To be contd...)


ilyas said...

Don't think you are turning into a bad guy by not missing the festivals. Rather it might be because you are growing up! Even if you are at home for festival, it is not as exciting as it was in your childhood, isn't it?

sinfulsoulvish said...

I concur. The growing up feeling also doesn't settle well with me. But yes, it might be a time to enjoy the festivities for someone else :P