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Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Denied Love


In some far away world there was a lil boy who had everything & everyone. He lived in a lil home with 1 room, kitchen/bathroom and with his father & mother. They might not had the luxury of life but they had the most important thing which made their life full of smiles. They had love for each other. They all ate their meals together & they always thanked God every night for the b'ful life they had. The lil guy was just 4 years old & has just started going to school. He used to learn all the rhymes & stories there & in night asked his father to tell him more.

His father was a blue collar worker in some construction company & his mother was housemaid at some rich & expensive household. Life was not easy for them but they were getting up everyday & fighting their way to it. The kid was loved in abundance and both his mother & father always take care of him. Life was going good for them but then one day his father got sacked because of the job cut & he lost his job. That day was when everything started to fall apart for that flabbergasted family. The time were going to be hard & their beliefs were going to be tested. The love, which was superfluous irrespective of the inflow of cash, which was all unconditional will also be questioned. Let's take a look if they'd fall apart under all of the situations or will they stick through all thick & thin.


What am I supposed to do now? How am I supposed to put food on the table for us & what about all the bills? I have to take care of this situation & be the man which my wife wants me to be & to set a better example for my son that no matter what hardship we are facing we should always have faith in ourselves & God. I'll talk to Martha and consult her as what are our options under the given circumstances. I hope we all get out of this unscathed & strong. She is the one who has always been on my side. And my kid, what on earth I'm going to tell him? His father has lost his job & with my qualifications & this current economy there is no hope either. They expectant face of my wonderful kid as he beam proudly at his old man, what he'd see now save dejection & beatings of life. Why this had happened to our family? We were happy together we never asked for anything more. Why did God robbed us of every lil thing we created our world with?

You might think that I'm over reacting but when you've nothing in sight but today you have every reason to be panicked. I don't think I have ever thought about what I'd do when I'd have nothing to do.

From here this story can take any turn. The father can leave the two after taking a bullet to his pride daily or he can get a job. I don't know what's going to happen.  But I'll write it, don't even know when.

(To be contd..)

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