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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Normal Days #5

The Coffee, the sea and the sunrise. Actually originally it was sunset but then sunsets are not my forte. I love sunrise. The hope for new day, new smiles, hope for love to come along. Sometimes wishing is all you have got. I know I've been out for a long time and I also know nobody actually cares but a guy can dream, right? Today it will be about what you want to say but can't, how you want to give your heart to one person & they are impervious of your feelings. There might be a chance that they don't know, there might be a chance that they know but they are confused too. And amidst all this you see them with other guy and that ache which is so profound that you feel it killing you.

I once read somewhere that the best feeling is not in being love but when love is in you. When it doesn't matter whether you can or can't be with the person you love, when all that matters that they are happy. I know it is all good in movies & books but trust me when it is all love you have you'll know that you're smiling when you see the love of your life going off to sunset holding hands not with you but with some other person. There is pain in your heart although it is love which conquers everything.

There are times when you want to forget everything and everyone and want to get lost, you want to go back to the time and want to redo certain moments again. It doesn't matter who you are, from where you are, there are moments which you don't want to let go of your memories. I know this is all going to be the same write as I've written already but I don't know no amount of help from my friend, no amount of boost from nature itself is able to cheer me yet. My favorite lines from my favorite singer, I need to quote them

& now the times are changing
looking everything that's come & gone
sometimes when I play my old six-strings
thinking about you & wonder what went wrong

To make that wrong right, to undo something, sometimes I seriously wish there was a time machine. But hey, love always finds the way. I always believe in fairytales & romance that lasts forever. Love is never easy when you give up all of you then only you'll see sun rising for you from the ocean & making the sky a kaleidoscope of love. The rays kissing you & letting you know someone somewhere is sleeping dreaming of the same thing. Hang in there :)

(To be contd..)

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