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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Normal Days #7

Take me as I'm

Y'day night when I was talking to my friend, she said I was sounding like a serious, sincere guy. I don't know why but I felt that this job has changed me after all. I'm acting mature, grown up, is a kind of thing I've never been accused of. I know there is still some depravity left somewhere in me. I hate being practical. I still believe that when we are not looking or when we are oblivious, all the things talk to each other. Like pens talking to books, chairs talking among themselves or having a discussion with tables or cutlery. Everybody has a life, just because we don't know doesn't mean it isn't.

Yes, after reading it aloud I still feel like I'm the same weird guy. I don't want to lose this side of me to the cold world of reality, ever. I guess I have to stop being so mature about everything I do or say. Though I don't try to but sometimes maturity stuff just comes out & people think I'm growing up. Damn the rules of society. But when she called I was sleeping maybe I can blame it on my state of unconsciousness. Yes, that seems about right. Anyway time to go all kind of crazy.

I'm suddenly feeling happy that I'm still the same ol' me ;)

Go ahead say it, today you can accuse me of anything. I acted like a sincere guy afterall :P

(To be contd..)

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