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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Normal Days #9

I hope to see you smile but I'm always wrong

I know I'll be judged again for what I'm about to write & truly speaking I'm also tired of myself while I write about the same stuff over & over again. It is like I can write about only one thing & may be that is the problem with me that I don't take my imagination to the next level. I'm always stuck up with the same pathetic hopes & beliefs that one day The Girl who got Away will be in my arms for real.

I'm in middle of Arabian Gulf, I marvel at the nature's finest display of love every single day. I see the sun rising from the sea bed, turning the water into coppery color when it goes down, I see the fishes doing the dances underwater even when I am all surrounded with oil wells, rigs, machines & what not I still see the stars studded like diamonds. I see the Seagulls floating on water & may be because of the sound of machines on board I can't hear their cries but I still intently listen when they fly too close to our helideck.

The place I'm in & the name I've given you, you're always on my mind. I also know I'm sounding kind of pathetic but who cares what world thinks of me. Anyway, feeling so alone & so loved right now I have no idea how to describe these emotions. Sea under my feet, blue sky above my head, wind caressing me as I surrender me to all this magic. I know there will be a day when my dream will come true; when I'll buy an oil well & all of my friends & family will visit, seeing what I see here every day, feeling the same magic which I feel every day. The complexities which drive this industry while managing the world politics.

That reminds me I've a promise to fulfill about writing an article on Oil & gas Industry for my very special & b'ful friend.

This isn't turning out to be quite a pathetic write now, is it?

Well, there is always another day, eh. :D

(To be contd..)

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