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Friday, 28 August 2015

Normal Days #55

Go Rest High On That Mountain

Well, this is not about me, or about the love, or about any of those things of which I write about constantly. And no this isn't about my weirdness or all the stupid thing I do. This is about those harsh realities of life which when befall on you, wind gets sucked out from your lungs. I can't say that this won't happen coz it is the ultimate truth, all I can pray is that God gives you strength and belief to bear in those time of doubt & uncertainty.

This post is about losing someone close to you. This post is for my dear, dearest sweetheart who recently lost one of her virtual friend and one of her family member. This is for the remembrance of those whom I never had the pleasure to meet and yet the stories, the pics I've seen tell me that they were are larger than life. Now, ppl say these terms like that for each other all the time but for me words don't come easy or cheap. I mean what all I say, well unless you gave me a reason to go back on my words.

Life is a very fragile thing, very delicate. It is attached with so many emotions, so many hopes, so many promises. And death, death is the finality, that truth we all know. We all are living, we have our own circle, own set of ppl we interact with, we grow close to someone who are not our immediate family, we share their laughter, we bask in their joy and we feel the same sadness with 'em too. And the stories I've heard about the person, the depth of emotion which ran through her when she related all those memories with me, I knew I'm lucky to witness such purity.

Memories will start fading away, you'll grow out of the mask of sadness, you'll laugh again too but there are some scars which will always be there. Some emptiness which will never be filled, you'll never be the same coz the loss you just had it will be void, like space. You'll only feel it. So, let it hurt, let it cry you out. Call God all the names, tell Him what He did was wrong. He had no right to uproot the pillar of the family, leaving everyone hurt and broken inside.

And then find me in that hour of darkness, I'll comfort you. I won't say I'll take away the pain but yes I'll share it. I'll listen to all your stories, I'll provide my coverall for you too clean that snot (I told you the reason over phn for that, didn't I), I'll be with you every step. You're never alone, you'll never be alone. If I couldn't make you smile through your tears, I'll just make you a cup of hot chocolate. How's that for some comfort?

I've got you girl, I've got you.

(To be Contd..)

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