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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Normal Days #54

When Can I Kiss You Again

There were many ways how I thought this to start this post. I deleted the lines a couple of times also. I was not sure how to begin then I thought I'd write about the love I've for you, so this is going to be all about love, pretty girl.

First of all let me thank you for finding me again, for loving me with all that love and making we wish if I'd wings. You said I did have 'em, remind me the next time when we talk over phn and I'd be drowned in the husky and beautiful voice of yours. No, actually that's an excuse I just want to listen to you over and over again. You've an amazing voice. And of course you've to call me the name you've given me, I need to listen it. It sounded so good when you texted that, so don't think I'd just read it and won't hear it in that voice of yours.

I know lots is happening, and I'll write about that too. Just know I'm always there for you and I mean it. Every sense of the word. And when I'd kiss you, you'd know what I mean. The kiss which starts from the lips and spreads right into your soul, the kiss which will take all your pain away, the kiss which will take us to our private galaxy and we'd never come down.

I hope to hold your hand at this time, our fingers intertwined as we gaze in distance and cherish the memories of those years. The love which never dies even when the person goes to another realm. I'll write more about that kind of love, or explain to you in person when we'd meet. These topics are better discussed in person.

So, tell me when can I kiss you again,
I've to take you to another realm
Another space where there is no one
Just you & I and of course, lots of kissing is to be done ;)

You know me, I love the way you kiss. So, take my hand, whisper my name, close your eyes and feel the God, feel the love. It is enough for tonight, we will talk more. I promise.

(To be Contd..)

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