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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Normal Days #52

If You See Her, Say Hello

I was thinking to make this a dark one, as this might shadow around the topic like death. I know it is considered a bit spacey for normal dinner talk but tonight I wanna dwell on that road.

Today my friend told me that one of her friend passed away. I won't go in details how it happened as she is at a happy place now. She told me may be she was trying for the ultimate rescue. Then it got me thinking how lonely she must have been to take that step? How alone she must have felt to drown her pain in all other things and how strong she once has been that she chose to forget even herself? Some ppl might call it selfish but then what choices do we have but not to hide in our make believe world and tell ourselves that yes!, we have love.

The finality of the situation, the truth about the inevitable, in our religion it is believed soul never dies. It merely changes bodies and start fresh. And yet it is also believed that if you want to escape this cycle of life & death you should attain moksha or Nirvana. So, you see you are still here, quite alive, breathing and if you're listening to me pls don't forget that you're loved. I didn't have the pleasure to know you but I do love you. Same broken hearts in search of love and all. Letting ppl walk all over us just in hope that we will be loved. Trust me I know the feeling. I've hidden myself in that fa├žade more often than not. So, I know when the other person is doing that. When you're fighting your hardest to care and wishing someone would just hug you and let you know how much they need you.

Strange how ppl think we need love, actually we love taking care of others. When someone says "We need you", we go beyond all measures to make 'em feel comfortable, happy and loved. This is what love is for us. But then we ask so much from ppl that they tend to forget that. No point in blaming. Ppl do that, and hence we are drawn to animals, non living things coz they don't desert us.

Damn I didn't want to be that open, that vulnerable about the innermost emotions. Though a piece of advise, we can be the cruelest too. No matter how much it breaks us once we are gone, we are gone.

So girl, I know you are up there, pls know you are remembered, loved and missed. I'll pray for you, always.

(To be Contd..)

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