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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Normal Days #15

Back Stabbers

Some days aren't quite as good as others, sometimes aren't as sober but what keeps you going through these times is what that matters. The days get bluer & you feel terrified, scared & the ppl you know all these times who laugh with you, share a joke are the one who are slowly cutting your ties. What to do then? Will you change yourself as per the standards set by the society or you be the same as you always were?

I've been into these kind of situations very often. I know how it feels when ppl start dismissing you because you're not co-operative or you don't have a friendly attitude. I don't know why they spent so much of time in hating rather doing something productive. I have this gift of recognizing the double faces they wear and given my attitude I let them know that I don't like them. That's when the real problem starts they don't like me either but they don't show it & act like long lost friends when they meet. I know what they are trying to do but I ignore like always because they aren't worth it.

I'm not taking the higher road here, I'm at fault too but my fault limits to the fact that I don't gel well with crowd. I tend to spend my time with books rather with these fellows who can't even think straight other than gossiping. And that brings me to the best place I always go, where there's no reality, where everything is good & peaceful, my dreams. I don't wanna go there as it would be so off topic, not that I care being off topic it is just I don't like talking about dreams every now & then.

I know I'm lazy & keep putting off work for later & I keep reading books sometimes all day long. BUt that's my vice, everybody has some addiction, I have this. I only hope the guys getting pissed off by this get some peace & happiness.

(To be contd..)


Jennifer Lane said...

Too bad people don't like it when they're called out for saying one thing and doing another!

Book Review Tours said...

To Hell With Them!

You should know that you are better off alone than surrounding yourself with people like these!

Then Again, You'll never be alone as long as you have your Kindle ;)