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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Normal Days #14

Tonight we have the stars

One more year is about to end & I can't help but look back to cherish what I've found this year, what I've gained & what I've lost. It is not like some balance sheet or some random inventory checklist, it is just I feel like in all of this year 365 days what are the most b'ful things for which I'm thankful to God.

Like always, first of all I've to thank for my very b'ful friend who's always there for me. Well, she hates to reply my messages but yeah I hope she can mark this is as resolution for her in coming year, To reply Vishal asap, always. Not that I'm complaining but I sure don't wanna change a thing about her. She's just very very wonderful girl.

Thanks Mohur :-)

Second I want to thank my mums for always being there for me. This year has been very good regarding many things. I've got a good job, for the first time I went abroad, all because of my own, I'm earning good money, it all feel surreal whenever I lay in my bed & think about it. I never imagined that I can be here in offshore working for one of the biggest companies in the world. I'm not an engineer (Physics Hons. Graduate, to be very precise) hence my being in offshore is really a blessing. But above all, the happiest thing is that my mums is happy. I see her smiling & I know God is somewhere happy with me.

Thank you God for all that love.

Third I want to thank a very good friend of mine who is miles away but is still close to my heart. She is very amazing & smart & one of the strongest girls I've ever had a chance to know. Take Care my Peanut. You're always in my prayers.

I can go on & on what this year has brought to me & I can still never thank enough to almighty for all the happiness. I hope all you ppl out there have a rocking year ahead too.

Love all
Keep Smiling
God Bless :)

(To be contd..)

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Book Review Tours said...

:P Mereplying to your mails asap??!! High Hopes Vish!!!

Have a blessed year ahead with lots of books, dolphins, your mom and your work!