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Monday, 13 January 2014

Normal Days #18

I'm gonna get me a gun

It is not only a title to some song rephrasing my current state, it is actually a thing I'm hanging on to for quite some time now. Lately I've developed a fascination towards guns. I don't know when it happened as I'm not a violent guy but for a few months I have this craving to hold a gun & feel the cold of metal in my palm. I have been watching too many cop shows I think but nonetheless the feeling is not going away.

Of course I can't even apply for a weapon license right now because of future election in my country, but as soon as elections will be over I'll be doing that. It is a costly affair & since working in offshore has some perks, one of it is good pay. So, I think I can give some cash inflow to few addictions I have or I'll acquire as I grow wise. Last year also I had thought about the same thing but as I was away from home for most of the time I couldn't act on the plan but here I'm at home after every month I can sure pursue this dream of owning a b'ful, sexy, lil gun which will look magnificent. I know it is not considered healthy to own a firearm but I want to have it because I consider them b'ful.

 See the beauty above, this is what I'm talking about. I so much want it not for shooting or anything just to know that I own this wonderful piece lying there for me is worth the satisfaction.

And I want to buy a PSP4 video game also so since I can't have this right now I'll go for video game & when time will permit I'll be kissing this beauty.

(To be contd..)

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