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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Normal Days #17

Cloud Number 9

I don't even know why but today I'm feeling happy, content like something good is going on around, I'm not able to touch it but I feel it in my heart. There's this hum in there, static like & I'm smiling a lot. I am always a weird kind of guy thinking of the possibilities that are never going to happen, day dreaming about many scenarios that will never play out but I feel happy nonetheless. There are many things which are going great, first of all there is the weather.

I don't know how many of the normal persons have experienced what I'm experiencing. Just imagine for a moment, you're in middle of the sea. Have you ever seen rough sea? I bet you have, the waves crashing around the shore high & wild. The sound of them is deafening. It is not exactly like that in middle. It is more troublesome but just scattered around because the waves crash around each other from all the directions, hence there is not much noise just foam. Now imagine all this when it is drizzling making the sea a lil angry with grey skies. The only thing which I miss in this whole nature love making is the cries of Seagulls. I listened to it though y'day evening when I was out on port side of my rig. In the nights, to most ppl, even to my mums, sea looks scary but not to me. I love the infinity of it. Also I love how horizon can't ever get to embrace the tides while the mighty ocean tries hard to loose itself in entire skyline.

I just wish I could dare myself to look down when I'm flying by chopper across the Arabian Gulf, but I can't.

I know I write a lot about all of these things, almost in every second of my write but I can't help but thank God with all my heart who gave me this opportunity to be here & experience the most raw & heart wrenching love making. The yearning of ocean to the aloof skies always makes me pray for the love which they have. It is absolutely magnificent & breathtaking.

& I'm also happy that I've you. You've no idea how blessed I am & how grateful I'm that I know you, that no matter how screw up I am you never give upon me. You're truly my best friend & sometimes I do say it over & over again but please know with you I can be plain. And before I do something to scare you away please know, I don't know why it is but whenever I want to thank you or tell you how amazing I think you're words don't seems enough. I wish you could just know, you know. May be you already know. There are way too many know in there.

At least I'm consistent with my weirdness.

I'm happy..mai khush hoon aaj khamakha

(To be contd..)

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