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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Normal Days

There are somethings in life that you learn as you grow up. No school, no parent, no one can teach you what life will offer you at certain times and no matter how hard you try to let go of certain things sometimes you have to take that hard step ahead which is called moving on. Sometimes when you offer your heart when it is sure going to break what that makes you.

When you know that whatever dream you're chasing is never going to complete because you're wishing for moon. What you do? Do you call your friend and ask her how bigger of an idiot you are? Or do you lay low and grieve over the loss of things which were never yours to begin with?
I guess sometimes you have only dealt with the hand that has question marks cards on it. So, what to do then? To whom to turn for the help to find the pieces of the most complex puzzle called life?
And as always every problem as far as I'm concerned can be solved by turning to love. Love holds all the answers. Many have written about this and till the time we have actual apocalypse ppl will keep writing about it. So what am I doing here with another of my psychotic writes?

I'm feeling the pain. The pain which you feel when your lover leaves you, the pain you feel when all your dreams die, the pain you feel when you find you're all alone in this world and you've become so much pathetic that you fight with your imaginary friends over petty things. What kind of psycho does that to their friends?

In case you haven't noticed my writes all always about being alone, being neglected, being not able to experience affection a lot given with all of that I still believe in love. I still believe that love is always going to win. Love always has, always will. When you have to say someone that you love them sometimes you can say it with words, sometimes with your eyes, sometimes you remain silent and sometimes you do things they love and let them feel the love.

Always know that when you talk to person you love it always leads to a good.

(To be contd...)

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