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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Normal Days #2

Welcome again.
Second post in a single day, something is wrong with me. I'm at home, I've not read a single line since I'm back here, I'm sleeping at wee hours waking up almost at noon everyday. Something sure is wrong. Though I'm not here to discuss my calender if that's what you're wondering about. Like always I'll talk about my muse, love.

The strange thing about love is, sometimes you don't find it at the place you expect it to be. The people you count upon are most likely to put you down. The blessings that you were counting don't turn up and after that you feel alone, you feel lost, you've no one to love you, no one to listen to your silent pleas to be with you. There is not a single person in this whole wide world to whom you can speak your heart out. You have to put faces so that the world believes that you're doing fine, you are living the perfect life. But after the sun sets and the dark prevails, when the stars lit up the sky and moon disappears and appears some nights leaving them alone, the whole world is lighten up by Christmas lights and you're celebrating all these festivities with the world. No one knows how lonely you're because you're in a perfect life. But as they say dark is when the light doesn't make any difference. That is the worst form, the dark of loneliness.

Have you ever felt alone? There are many things a man is afraid of, the worst is death. Being alone is the superlative of worst, if that can be said. You might be surrounded by all those ppl you love, those you think will always be there for you.

The good thing is I've learnt this lesson long ago that don't expect anything from anyone and you won't get hurt. Sometimes you wonder if leaving everything behind is the best option. Oblivion is underrated after all. This thought of leaving the circumstances is so engrossing which makes the love overrated. You wonder that if life is overrated too. But you hope, you believe that someday someone is going to love you so much that it will really feel like the dream. It will erase all the pain, all the aches from your heart. You will believe that you're not unlucky, ominous or some creep. Love will always find the way.

Well, one can always hope.
May we all find that one person, no matter who that is, who loves us, just love nothing else.

Yes I'm weird.

(To be contd..)

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