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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Normal Days #3

Today I'll be writing about a book and the feeling related to it "Infinite Love."

My best friend doesn't approve of that book and I know it is kind of erotic (the book is erotic & her disapproval is kind of annoying, in case you're getting a wrong idea) but what I've learnt from the book is, love always sees you through. No matter how hard for you is the time you're going through but at the end of the day if you're with the person you love nothing else can matter.

I'm known to stray away from the plans so if you find nothing about the book but much about the love please don't complain. You can send me the hate mail though :D
The point of this write is to mention that no matter where you're you can always find love. And just so be clear I mean love as an operative term, not conservative. Like you can find love how two kids are playing in snow, how a mother and her kid daughter are arguing about dolls which she'd to have because one of her friends has a better already than her previous collection, how a dad giving a fatherly advice to a 10 year old son & how his son is looking up to him like his father is even better than superman and how when a guy look at a girl like he'll always love her even when they are old & deaf, how he'd ask her out the next time, how he'd propose, how they'd celebrate their love and how everybody hopes to have their story to go till the end.

Today I won't dwell on to the dark side of losing and giving up. It is all about how love can be so precious that you'll always play putty into the hand of it. Love makes you do all the crazy things, it is a cliche I know it but isn't it true? Aren't all the cliches true? I have this feeling that when you're in love you should let yourself fall hard. Don't brace yourself. Let go of all the doubts, let go of all the hesitations because if you're not falling hard what's the point of being in love? Right!!

Feel the magic, feel the flowers blooming like your heart and believe when you're in love no matter how bad things go there is always love to count upon. Always. And no I'm not mentioning 'The Bible' in this write of mine. But you must be knowing what I want to say.

Spring is here, fall in love, fall hard and those who are in love already find out more reasons to fall in love with the moments you are in love with. and those who think they need someone to fall in love with, well, there's always love to fall in love with. Be in love with the love and then you'll be enjoying the gloomy winters too because white and cold sometimes makes us appreciate the cold & dark.

Confusing? Well there's always hate mail :)

I know there was no mention of the book but let it be for some other time & other some other title, for now, love and fall hard.

(To be contd..)

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