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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Normal Days #1

What I wrote yesterday might not have been making any sense but I think if I wanted to pour out my words on this white screen I should go with the same title instead of different posts every time I want to make me feel stupid.

And yes I'm still going to be weird. I can't help it.

Today it will be about heart wrenching. The feeling which you have when you wear your heart on your sleeve and go suicidal with it. It is different thing to yearn for something you can get, but to let this ache settle in your heart for something which you can never ever have, is simply, like I said, suicidal mission set up for your heart. But it can't be helped. We want what we want. I always like the stories, fantasies, dreams, realities where a person loves the other in-spite of knowing that for 'em there is nothing but pain in the long haul. Then why do they succumb themselves to such an agony? Why they don't, as the so called relationship adviser says, "Do something better."?

I guess the answer to that question is, and please forgive me if I use these prophecies in my every second write, but in my defense they are the best line ever. As I was saying ppl do succumb to the hardship becasue they believe that Love is always kind, love doesn't expect, doesn't resent...and all of it. Because when you're in love it is the reason enough to make the person smile you're in love with. You don't expect them to do anything for you because in the process of making them happy you're creating happiness for yourselves. I know ppl generally don't believe that it can be done in today's world but yes, it is all what love means. It means to give up everything for that person you love even yourself because in love there is no me & you it is always 'us.' And if you can't bare your soul with the person you love, you can't feel them like you in your body then you better don't call it love.

Please don't decipher from it that I'm asking to give up on your identity or all your dreams. It is a lil bit complicated than that. There should be no complications in love per se but hey, who said love is easy.


Well I've started to taking it as an compliment.

(To be contd..)

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