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Monday, 19 October 2015

Normal Days #61

All I Want

No, this isn't a wish list. This is a song title from a band Kodaline, and if you've not seen the video, pls do. Till date I've dedicated songs for all of my post, but this time this post is about the song. It made me think. It made me wish, it made me to long for you, to dream you and to wish if things were different.

If there was a way to reach out to you and to make you dream with me, trust me I would. I would come and trace you like I do when I whisper your name to universe. There are so many emotions this video brought up. It made me think do ppl actually love unconditionally? Is there in reality the kind of love which is surfaces beyond the physical aspects of a person? I know, I know, you'd say that YES! Definitely and give me examples how you loved someone who was not perfect and all that stuff. But by this point if you've seen the video you'd understand what I mean by this.

But that doesn't matter or does it? Can you be comfortable in a social event where everyone would look at you and whisper? Can you stand that? If yes, then till when? Will there be a time when you'd wish if things were different? I know this coz I've been asked this question. The answer given to me was this,

"OK, you won't show the discomfort. But when you'd see your friends and their wives, you'd feel wistful. May be you won't show resentment but you'll not be comfortable either. You'll always feel like you've done some great sacrifice and would want ppl to acknowledge that how selfless you're, how bigger of a person you're. You'd start taking advantage of that situation, emotionally too. And there will come a time when you'll start resenting your choice."

I'm not sure what I'd do. I've always said that love is love for me. The skin, the age, the face is all superficial. Till the time I'm questioned let me wear this veil of being a great person. Let the curtain not rise.

What will you do?

(To be Contd..)

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