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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Normal Days #60

A Brand New World

Did you get it?! Pls tell me you did. Pls tell me you get from the song dedicated for this post what it will be about. And yes it is for that damned person you are thinking about. Are you smiling? Are you thinking about the time we discussed about him and how you were not so enthusiastic about his discovery of "New World?"

But when I learnt y'day that today is one who will not be named day I smiled and thought of you. I thought how we talked and you laughed and how I loved the sound of your laugh. I still listen to it, you know. I mean your laugh not the songs about him by which they torture the poor kids.

I do pity 'em. Poor kids. What about the future of nation? No one cares about that the day which should be a normal day they turned it into a holiday. Damned government.

And you know we have our own brand new universe, our own galaxy, our own world, which we've to populate. So you see, we have lots and lots of work to do. Just arriving at some place stupidly and naming it on our own isn't enough. We won't make the same mistake what one who will not be named did.

Though we've already named our galaxy, like I said, there is still a lot which needs to be done. We still need to dream, we still need to believe, we still need to hope and may be one day they will come true. May be one day we will succeed in pursuit of our dreams, may be we won't but all I know is I won't give upon what we can have or what we can dream we can have. Dreams are always better than reality and when there is no fear of 'em breaking we should dream big and bigger. I hope you're dreaming now, all the smile and happiness. Coz tonight I'll dream of sailing toy our land and name you me.

Damn you the one who will not be named!

(To be Contd..)

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