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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Normal Days #58

Be The Rain

I've been thinking to write this post since the time I was home. But coz of certain personal circumstances I couldn't. In this post you'll figure how random my thinking is, how I go from one topic to another completely unrelated topic in an instant, you'll also discover how lazy I'm and when I'm typing this I'm wondering if I can include some more derogatory terms about myself but then I'm not feeling the self loathing mode quite that high yet. But don't count that possibility out as I mentioned before I can switch to any topic at the snap of fingers ( did I say that right? In my defense I'm from third world country & a lil sleepy).

Did you see what I did up there? If not, well then, I really need to work on my language and sentence forming and grammar or I can just ignore everything.

To be honest this was about environment issues. Did that amaze you? Well, if you've talked to me or met me I might not look that kind of guy who is concerned with environment or planet earth but I do feel a lot about all these issues. I'm deep that way. Sometimes I wonder that my this deep connection to environment is coz I was cheetah in previous life. May be I was the one who was evolved and gave 'em the speed which they are blessed with now. I've a very soft spot for Cheetahs and God how I loathe hyenas. They never let those b'ful creatures rest. And sometimes when I'm lazing around my house I wonder if I was a crocodile. I love reptiles. I know loving a lizard isn't considered good by ppl standards but I can't help myself. Some ppl I know love dragons but I love lizards (though there is a lil difference), snakes, crocodiles. Penguins, I love those too.

Yes, this was about environment issues. I was riding my bike one day simply minding my business, watching the plethora of cars, trucks, buses passing by, thinking how no one gives a damn about what will happen, what we will leave for our future generations? But that was not the thought I should be entertaining while on the road, hence I rode back to my place, switched on the AC and thought about the problem some more.

But on a serious note, I do worry about animals. In fact more than I do about ppl. May be I'm one. I'm sure I'm one coz I want to fuck you that way most of the times. You know that, right?

What? You thought that it won't have this part? C'mon! You know me better than that, don't you?
Come let's save environment, make some love, all hot and sweaty and animalistic way. Mark me yours.

Be the rain, drench me in your love.

(To be Contd..)

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