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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Normal Days #43

Don't Forget To Write

I'm here, thousand of miles away and sometimes ocean & I talk to each other, he has the same loneliness as I do. But he has horizon, a place where he meets the sky and I, I just watch their love as a voyeur, shamelessly. I wonder how magical it'd be like to have that much of love and infinity. To meet the intensity of that it has to be sky only.

I'm at loss of words here. To form the intangible into a physical form and giving it a meaning too is always a difficult task. And to do that for loneliness, for a longing for someone you miss who is oceans apart from you is always impossible. One can do nothing but hope and wish the warmth of love flowing in the air and making you smile as you feel the caress of your lover. You dream of 'em whispering in your ears some sweet nothings, some promises for you and some naughty things that they have planned for you once you are in their arms.

So, here I'm dreaming, hoping, wishing for your love. Lie to me that you love me, make me hope and shatter it all over again. I love the pain and I'd welcome anything from you, leave me without saying good bye so that I'd always watch the sea and hope that one day like this sun you'll rise from the ocean bed and in the wake you will wake my smiles too. I want to dream again, of you, of all that is not possible and that you're mine, all mine.

You know I'm a dreamer

(To be Contd..)

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