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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Normal Days #42

Give It To Me

I'm feeling naughty today. No! Before you comment or say anything on my current state of mind or roll your eyes I just wanted to make it clear this is going to be quite descriptive, so read at your own risk & don't blame me that I didn't warn you.

So, I'll go straight for the juggler. I'm in love with the curls, the complete bald look doesn't do the deed for me. I'm here not talking about the '70s like bushes, just trimmed curls get me there. You know the feel of softness around my tongue when I'm down there tasting the flowing nectar, I'd love to see the moisture glistening on 'em as the ambrosia like smell captures my soul and I feel like God when I taste that. Yes, I'm talking about the same thing.

Also I love the curves, skinny look isn't for me. As I love to blow, lick and bite so if there isn't any flesh there would be a slight disappointment. The last part (biting) is kind of ecstatic. Hence the curves.

And trust me the curve of neck & shoulders are the most enticing part. They bring out the beast in me and I really want to devour you starting from there. Or from your toes. I've thing for those too. Come to think of that I'm not particular about any single body part, if you'd ask me to bite behind your knees or your ankles or inside of your thighs I'd happily oblige. There's one more thing I love the most, the hollow of your small of the back. When you get on all your fours for me and I see that curve on your lower spine, that dimple is my undoing. Are you imagining what am I doing to you? what I want to do to you?

I love the ribs too, just below your breasts, where your heart is beating and I want to feel it on my tongue. Yeah, that too. Open your eyes baby, see the animal in me, see what you do to me. Hold me in your hand and show me what your curls are hiding, let me feel the soft, the wet, the sensuous you. And while we are at it, feel free to mark me yours.

Let's bleed, bleed in love.

Give it to me

(To be Contd..)

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