Scattered Thoughts

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Normal Days #40

Molly's Lips

I've been thinking about this song & wondering if I'd achieve Nirvana if I kiss your soft lips, pretty girl?

I wonder if Kurt Cobain got inspired by your sweet luscious lips when he was touring all around the world. Like I want to keep tasting you over and over again. Come to think of it, this rotation I've been very perverted. And I can't blame you once again as I already did before but something have to give.

Come here let me taste you, I've been living in this cold hard world for so long, I need to witness the other side. The side where there's no life no death, just we become part of God from where we have emerged. I wonder if kissing you will give me all that. What would we become when we'd make love? God?

But I don't want to be God. For the first time in my life I want to be enjoy you, carnal pleasure and everything. Being God will keep me busy and I can't lust after you. So I better be same human being that I'm today, thinking of your ripe, succulent body, as I'd trace it, you remember how I like it, right?



So think of me making love to you, while all of Nirvana's classics would be playing or any other song for that matter as long as I'd be listening your moans and screams and whimpers on my mouth, devouring every sound you make, like music to me. And I'm lost, my eyes closed, concentrating on the sensation which is rumbling in my chest.
You're nirvana alright babe :D

Come to me
wearing nothing
but your smile
shy and blush
creeping on your neck
and heat spreading all over your breasts
and let me find where you're hot
and a lil wet
Let me make you scream
as you fall apart
Me underneath
and in your closed eyes
you see stars..

Let's become God

So, I don't think Kurt Cobain mind was so dirty when he wrote that. Mine is ;)
Clean me up a lil, yeah. I need your hand :P
Will you help me pretty girl? In your mind you can say, Damn, but I love you!

(To be Contd..)