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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Normal Days #39

I'm With You

They say some aches are permanent, some pains live with you and become your breathes, the way you inhale & exhale there is this some fear which keep lurking behind the walls of your heart which keeps on reminding you this joyful time, your laughter, your carefree smile isn't for long.

I hope you see that fear in me, the fear of admission of reality, the way I'm falling for you, more everyday and I know you'll never be mine. I wish to hold you in my arms to feel that pain always in my heart, to know that once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a pretty girl who loved me. May be the cruel fate had it all wrong since the beginning but then I didn't even stop at the warnings sign before going down under to never to resurface and falling deeper in your love.

I'm with you always. I know ppl say some words just like that, I hope you know even though you're wishes apart from me, my heart still yearns for you. I still listen to your voice calling my name and when I sleep I curl around in hope in my dreams you'll be there. And when I wake up my heart breaks a lil more coz I know sometime wishes are just that, imagination of a world which doesn't exist.

I don't know when I'd be back you'd be waiting for me or not, I'm hoping that you won't be there but some part, some lil part of my heart, it believes that you'd be there and you'd say, "you were afraid, weren't you?"

And for that moment, for that smile pretty girl, I accept everything coz when I'm in that dream where you talk to me I'm happy. I talk to you sometimes when I'm watching the waves wondering what you'd say, bringing you out from my soul and watch you laughing and smiling at me. At me!

aaaahhh..the dreams and fantasies I've and realities which are too harsh for my make believe world.

Sing my name pretty girl, when I'd dream you tonight.

(To be Contd..)

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