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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Normal Days #38

A Sky Full of Stars

Y'day when I was out on the deck coz we had a vessel alongside, the sun was just set and I turned to west. I don't gaze into the west when sun is going down but I'm mighty glad that I did that y'day coz I saw Venus. All these 27 years of my existence I had not seen the beauty that it is. Also there was only one star to giver her company, the north star. The star which has been guiding ppl home since centuries & suddenly I thought of you.

I thought that is it possible that for me you're that star I can call home? Or I'm just some boy wishing for something that won't come true. Amidst the waves & the infinity and to the point where I gaze at the horizon I feel so infinitesimal I wonder how come I feel so proud of anything I have or own when I'm just a speck in this whole big universe. I've love but then there's nothing to be amazed about coz it is all you which makes me fall in love with love.

I can't write to you coz of stupid net but I hope you know that amidst all those amazing stars in the sky you're the Venus for me. All shining up in the sky, making me believe that if ghosts of my past will haunt me you'll always be there, calling me home. Or may be I'm dreaming.

Once upon a time
When I thought
You were mine
& I'm not alone anymore
Coz your love is the light
Darkness took over one day
I thought how long will it take
For you to walk away
Coz you'd think
waiting for me
is waste of your time

I sent a prayer
up in the sky
that you'd always be happy
For a spell
You were mine
& I'd never be alone
Coz even if you're gone
Your love will always be the light

So darling, I know I don't deserve you, you're all pretty, with a very amazing soul & here I'm, epitome of all sins. No I don't want you to say that I'm all good and everything coz I know I'm not. And trust me watching you walk away from me it sure will break my heart but I'd understand.

I love the heartache anyway :)

I'll always think of you when I'd look up above the sky, be with me in my dreams.

(To be Contd..)

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