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Monday, 29 December 2014

Normal Days #36

Almost like being in love

So, here I'm, amidst the vast oceans & endless skies with almost no internet access and back again with my books. I'm missing you. And I'm happy in that missing. You know why? Coz I know you love me and I'm in love with you pretty girl. I hope you'd read it and realize how much I think of you.

Sometimes all I've to do is pick a book, get lost from all that's real and picture you and me together and when I'm doing that we aren't talking, no ma'am, we are not. Instead we are lying down on our back, under a tree with a book in your hands, your head resting in my lap and my fingers brushing your hairs while the other hand is tucked away under yours resting just above your breasts so that I can feel your heart beat pulsating under my palm. You're reading to me all the love spilled in those pages while I watch your mouth forming those words and wonder what you'd do if I kiss 'em, softly.

See, I told you I'm a dreamer.

Let me love you, like I always do. Like I do when I'm lost in stories spilled in ink on paper of a love story and let me believe that for you I'm real like you're to me. Because I've known reality up very close and personal & when we are faced to it we don't like it much, I didn't. But then I'm not a ppl person. You know what I think? I think that when you'd know that I'm real not some guys oceans apart from you, you'd not love me. so, when I'm in those words I let go of reality and almost, almost feel your love on the wind that blows tracing my face. My chest expands with all that love and somehow I know you must be feeling it too.

Hence I do the best. I read and I read & then read some more coz that's where there's love which is love for me, all heart breaking & hauntingly b'ful. Just within my reach & yet I don't reach out for it coz I know how cruel the reality is & how fragile my hope is.
 I don't want to stop now, coz all what I'm feeling will never cease to stop and make me wonder about all that is love, so I close my eyes, remember your eyes, your sparkling mischievous, pretty eyes and I smile.

I'm reading, reading, reading & reading
And somewhere b'ween all that I'm dreaming
Of you
With me

Smile for me, there, oceans apart and I will see it in the waves calling out for me seductively.
Say my name, like a prayer, redeeming me, freeing me of my ghosts and making my soul eternally bound to you.
Smile, like you want to cry in my arms and say "Damn, but I love you" & let me dream, oh let me dream about this when I'd sleep tonight.

(To be Contd..)

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