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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Normal Days #35

Keep me in your heart for a while

What was I thinking? I'm not the guy with whom reality will be friendly. I'm the guy who is happy reading the books, dreaming of the love which is always unattainable but in my fantasies always true and with me. I'm the guy who lives in the fictional world & believes ppl mean what they say. I don't know how many more lessons I'd need to understand that I'm not normal & frequency of my thinking is way lower than the most intelligent ppl out there. Here I believe miracles happen, double rainbows shine across the horizon, unicorns exist and there's still love among the hearts of others. That some souls are there who love unconditionally, without any restraints and complications. Just love.

What was I thinking?!

So here I'm, not playing the innocent victim just mad at myself that how much of a bigger liar I'm. I say I don't expect anything and yet I hope others will give up their time for me. They'd not lie to me & when I'd want 'em to lie to me they'd tell me the truth. They sure have so many rules about everything. Thanks to the Almighty I'd leaving behind all this on Saturday. And I know they all will forget about me. I'm sure that won't be a problem for I'm not worth remembering anyway. I'm also ready for all the blames and names which they'd toss at me. This ain't the first time but I'll make sure this is the last. I don't like confrontations and trust me I seriously loathe the word "sorry". I'm sick and tired of hearing it when ppl hurt others just for fun. Well I did say I'd make 'em smile. May be this is the way it is done where they are.

Hence I'll return back to the books, I'll be heart broken for sure but nothing a few great historical romances and Bryan Adams, Dido & all great music won't fix. When in doubt stick to the basics, don't they say that. So, the prodigal sun returns where there he feels most at home. A world where he dreams and cherish the fantasies coz the world is too cruel for him. And while the world admires the reality I avoid that b'ful lady like a mirage, ironic isn't it?

I'm hurt and good thing is as I'd be gone this Saturday and when I'd be back I'll be nothing just a name in ppl memory.

Though I've to admit it was good while it lasted
do svidaniya :)

(To be Contd..)


Unknown said...

You are a beautiful person, Vishal, and it upsets me to read that you feel like this. I am ALWAYS here for you - Lia

sinfulsoulvish said...

Lia..I hope you're doing well..and thanks for your wonderful support.

Like I always say I'm blessed to know you :)