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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Normal Days #34

Mama I'm coming Home

Today I was listening to a song in Hindi about mothers & suddenly I realised my mums won't be with me always & that thought left me with fear. I'm scared. For my whole life I've known only one person who has been a constant in my life, my mother. I mean every mother is great. Though some might differ from my point of view and blame their mothers for something but as my mama use to say, it is enough that she has brought us into this world, given us a life. We shouldn't be asking for more.

And even after 27 years of my life I still ask my mother everything. Does that make you to judge me? Please do, go ahead. I'm not ashamed that I seek advise from my mums about almost every thing & I think mothers are above God even, so I don't mind asking for her help every now and then. She knows me better than me. And may be coz I've the best mums in this universe I respect all the mothers and girls for that matter. I've always said that I'm in favour of career oriented girls and all but when you're a mother that trumps all other career.

Being the only one beside God who can give birth to a life this word alone is enough to make every single soul in this universe to bow down for you. What satisfaction any career can give you other than listening to a sound of a voice calling you 'ma'. I respect every independent girl out there but when you think of your career and everything else but your family, I must say it feels like you're settling for, I can't even say second best coz being a mother is a blessing, you can't put anything on the same level ever.

I do wish that every girl in this world is blessed with b'ful kids in her life coz no love in this world is as selfless as mother and child.

To all the mothers out there **bows down**

(To be Contd..)

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