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Friday, 2 May 2014

Normal Days #28

I Remember You

The memories always have a funny way to bring you on your knees & leave you at your most vulnerable. It has been a year & a month when I left India to work in Arabian gulf for ADMA-OPCO offshore division & when I look back I feel a lil content but I know it is not what I see myself doing in a long run. Granted, the beauty here is good & love is spread all around me & I'm working in oilfield where normal population can't come, it gives my pride necessary boost & I never cease an opportunity to gloat about it either. I know it sound shallow but as I'm the same so it doesn't matter. I've heard worse.

I've met exceptional ppl & like always it always hurts when we depart. Our platform's safety engineer left for a new location & he's a kind of man I admire. I'm not ppl friendly & the sentiment is reciprocated by most of the ppl around me but still there are few ppl whom I admire a lot & he's one of those.

I wish him all the best & may he get back to our barge soon coz I'm a selfish guy & I need what lil friendly faces I can have around me.

(To be Contd..)

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