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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Normal Days #29

I'm in Love with a Girl

Right now I've no idea how am I feeling? I'm suddenly drained of energy, motivation & all the god things. May be I need to go out & watch the majestic Persian Gulf for sometime. Thank God for some supply vessel which stop by for provision & materials I get to go out on deck otherwise I'd never see the deck or platform.

& like many lost days I still have no idea what am I saying. I'm just missing someone very close to my heart. She's like moon, for whom I can only wish for never reach out & touch. I see her shining in my heart & lighting up the darkest corner of my hearts, almost making me believe in myself & my love. Almost. But then I know me very well, I'm known to screw everything up whether or not I'd want to, it just happens. Feels like I'm jinxed or something. But I've already shared all those sorry tales so many a times, even I'm bored of myself.

Good thing is, I can be my moronic self here. I need some inspiration, I need you to set me on fire so that I can write through my words, just for me hidden away in some sanctuary of my mind to let you know that for me you're the most b'ful girl. I will love you like no one has loved you, like I've never loved anyone before.

Let me paint skies for you

& may be it is all a dream,
lay down with me
look at the stars
& tell me if you see
your reflection
& my love shining
for you
in the nights & whole day

& let me dream that it is true.

(To be contd..)

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