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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Normal Days #12

Back to you

For quite a time now I've been acting insane & not in a good way, wait, that doesn't come out right; what I meant was I'm taking everything for granted now a days. I was not social before but now a days I'm acting hostile. I don't go well along with anyone, I speak harshly to everyone & I'm acting like a real ass.

So I was wondering why am I acting like such an asshole? Apparently there's no reason for that save the line between pride & being a jerk is getting blurry for me. I don't give a damn for anything which is a gift for me from God. Even writing this down I'm feeling like a hypocrite. Many of my friends have advised me to mind my attitude. I'm losing my temper very easily right now. I had problems like that before too but now a days I'm acting all almighty & superpower. Something is wrong with me & to figure it out I think the best thing would be to hide away like I always do. This is time for a new approach though. I'll act responsible & mature and will think before I say anything. This will make me to have lesser argument from human population.

Well I can always hope I can do that irrespective of the stupidity of the population in question.
Let's see how this goes.

(To be contd..)

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