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Monday, 12 November 2018

Normal Days #80

Paperback Writer

Oh! How do I say it? Word seems to fail me. I do not know from where to start actually, how to pen down the thoughts raging in my mind since 2 days & 3 nights now. I have worked down the middle of this write & I am confident ending will sure come along. It is the beginning I can not seem to fathom for everything, relations, writes, thoughts, life, you name it I have screwed it.

Anyway, this is not about what I do wrong always, it is about those things every human being should have, a recluse, a safe place to go to. For some it is their loved ones, for some, it is their family but for some, some nomadic souls like me it is the books. And not the self help crap, I am confident (rather over confident) that there is nothing in those books which can improve the way I live. At least I will not change the way I approach the problem just because some douche said it so. But give me stories, give me fiction, give me the world where there is hope, anguish, dreams, love, lots of love coz the romantic in me does not want to give up on the mirage in lieu of reality.

I have been blessed with good friend of mine who is the reason I found all those books and all those people. And of course my mums when she introduced me to that world when I was a kid. I still believe Sherlock Holmes is real, I find Jack Reacher, Elvis Cole, Harry Potter and so many more wonderful literary creations alive even when I have finished the book. And then there is Ms. Ellen O' Connell. She gave me a thing, a love, one of its own kind which has destroyed the reality for me and I so much relate to this quote here.

There is this ache in my heart to feel like that, to be that much in love, to have that much of love, to build that much love, but then life happens and I am left running to more of the hideouts (read books).
So here I am fighting reality, immersing myself in some parallel universe, detaching myself from everything and wondering how much high I can get before reality brings me down again.
And I am reading Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold yet again.
Same Drugs
(To be Contd..)

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