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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Normal Days #65

Please Forgive Me

Something is really wrong with me of that I'm 100% sure. I hurt the most beautiful girl on this planet and I've nothing to work on to. Words were my sanctuary but seems like I've used all those for everyone else. I saved nothing for her. Nothing special from me for the special lady in my life. So, how do I win her back? How do I make her laugh the carefree smile which she used to and of which I deprived her? I'll die trying that is for sure.

I have to admit God has been very generous to me. He has helped me even when He shouldn't and I did hurt His most special child. The love of my life. I hurt her and I've no excuses. I feel ashamed and dejected and scared. For the first time in my life I'm scared to death to lose what the good thing I've, a good soul who always keeps loving me no matter what.

So, here I'm apologizing to you my lady. My words have lost their values for you but I swear that I'll always be true to you and I'll always make you smile, through your tears also as I'll never be the reason for 'em.

Times and times again
Through tears and strains
We've stayed together
And I'm asking again
To be with me always
Take my hand
Guide me to light
To your smiles
I'll follow you
Every alley, every lane..
Hold me tight
Hug me to you
Sing my name
Baby sing to me again

I love you and I hope someday, no matter how far from today, you'll smile with love shining in your eyes, where no words are needed, no assurances, I'll know like I know that I exist that you believe I'm all yours, heart, body, mind and soul.

You Haven't Lost Me Yet
(To be Contd..)

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